Get Started with Watercolor

Paint Dewdrops and More with your artist mentor, Jacqueline Hill


Create a beautiful paintings of dewdrops and more
using nothing but watercolor.

Zen Art Dojo teaches you to create amazing paintings from the comfort of your own home and helps you discover your inner artist!
Purchase this wonderful Dewdrops Course today for just $27 —
and enjoy:

  • 20+ step-by-step videos with multi-award winning watercolor artist Jacqueline Hill
  • 3 painting tasks to get a brush in your hand
  • 4 gutsy downloadable charts, diagrams, tips & more
  • Learn the most important watercolor skill
  • Discover color recipes to mix the best greens
  • Steps to paint dewdrops and flowers!

Your Zen Art Journey is waiting for you...

12 months access to watch & rewatch as much as you want!

This is an awesome way to get started with Watercolor